8 Lessons from My Fitbit that are Transferable to L&D Initiatives


I received a Fitbit last Christmas and I love it for two reasons:

1) With heightened awareness of how sedentary my life had become, wearing the Fitbit has helped me realize I need to move more.

2) Thinking about everything that goes into the Fitbit has spawned a bunch of thoughts about behavior change, which is what learning and development is all about.

Following are 8 lessons that transfer quite well into the world of learning and development. Continue reading

Is Training Worth It?

Is It Worth It

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my “go-to move” in the training room: an activity called How I See It.

Since that post, I received several notes from people telling me that they were excited to use that activity. Several others asked for more specifics about how the activity worked.

In April I was asked to deliver a presentation at our local ATD chapter’s annual workplace learning conference. My session was called: How One Key Question Helps Organizations Thrive: Is It [Training] Worth It? As part of that session, of course, I integrated the How I See It activity.

In today’s post, I’m providing: Continue reading

My Picks for the Top 10 Learning Tools (2015 Edition)

Each year, Jane Hart and the Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies (C4LPT) publishes a list of the top 100 learning tools as nominated by more than 1,000 learning professionals from across the country. Earlier in the year, I had some fun with Articulate Storyline and this list to help you find out how many of the top 100 tools from 2014 that you’re using.

How Many Tools

Here is how I’ll be casting my ballot this year (in no particular order of importance): Continue reading

In honor of the Women’s World Cup goal-fest, here are 5 goals for L&D professionals…


Yesterday as I watched the US women make it look so easy to score five goals in the World Cup finals, I wondered if other people in other professions could ever make it look so easy to achieve five goals.

Here are five goals that learning and development professionals might want to consider. They’re certainly not easy to accomplish, but the key here is to make achieving them look easy. Continue reading