The Train Like a Champion blog is taking a little time off this week, recovering from jetlag. But this recent post by Alex Rister’s “Creating Communication” blog struck me – preparation is essential in advance of a presentation. I couldn’t have written on the topic any better!

Creating Communication

Hearing someone say “I’m just going to wing it” sends me into a state of panic.  Students who don’t prepare or practice for their presentation do not do well; there has never been “wing it” situation gone right.

Surprisingly, even in the high-stakes business world, few presenters truly invest the time they should to 1) preparing for their content/message, 2) designing effective, audience-centered slides, and 3) practicing their delivery/putting all three “legs” of the presentation ecosystem together.  As Nancy Duarte explains in her book Slide:ology, an essential element of preparation includes feedback and constructive criticism.  But how much time do we actually spend preparing?  And why should we prepare when everyone else around us doesn’t prepare?



My students deliver presentations almost every single month that they attend school.  That means they come to my class with a slew of bad habits that take time and effort to correct.

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