Get Off My Lawn, Millennials! An Infographic for Training Different Generations in the Workplace

By now you’ve probably seen some sort of infographic or article or attended a webinar or training session on characteristics of different generations in the workplace.

I’ve attempted to put together an infographic (below) that details how learning and development professionals can approach instructional design and facilitation for learners from a variety of age groups.


There’s only one tiny problem with this infographic. Continue reading

Infographic: How “Sticky” is Your Training?

Last year, I published the following infographic about the frighteningly enormous amount of time, money and resources wasted on training. As part of that infographic, I also cited some studies on evidence-based measures that could help training deliver better results.

Why Corporate Training is a Colossal Waste

As a sort of sequel to that, I’ve created a new infographic/flowchart (below) to determine the likelihood of whether your training will be retained and applied on the job (the “stickiness” factor), or not.  Continue reading