Is it really a train the “trainer” session? Or is it a train the “SME” session?


Last week I was talking with a colleague who made a distinction between what she perceives her team as doing compared to what some other teams do. She said: “We really view our team as educators, while there are other teams that get out into the field and don’t even care about who the audience is, they simply have a slide deck and they’re going to walk the audience through the slide deck. We call them presenters, as opposed to educators.”

I normally don’t get too caught up in language and vocabulary and semantics, but this was an important point. Perhaps more importantly, this was coming from an operational manager, not someone in the L&D department. This wasn’t just “inside baseball” talk among training geeks. Continue reading

Using Color-coded Sticky Notes to Create Interactive Visual Aids

Last week I had an opportunity to pilot a training program for managers working with remote teams.

I didn’t just want to talk with the learners about the differences between working with teams that are centrally located versus teams that are dispersed. If this session was going to have any chance of leading to change, I wanted the differences to be so striking as to jump off the proverbial page.

One of the strategies I used to accomplish this was through the deliberate selection of colored sticky notes.  Continue reading

Lesson Plan: Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving Feedback

There are plenty of articles and blog posts out there about how to give feedback. Some even talk about the importance of how to receive feedback, too.

Articles can be interesting. Some people even act on them. Most people think: Huh, that’s interesting… and then eventually they’ll forget about it.

If you’re looking to train people on how to effectively give and receive feedback, here’s a free Continue reading

Is Training Worth It?

Is It Worth It

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about my “go-to move” in the training room: an activity called How I See It.

Since that post, I received several notes from people telling me that they were excited to use that activity. Several others asked for more specifics about how the activity worked.

In April I was asked to deliver a presentation at our local ATD chapter’s annual workplace learning conference. My session was called: How One Key Question Helps Organizations Thrive: Is It [Training] Worth It? As part of that session, of course, I integrated the How I See It activity.

In today’s post, I’m providing: Continue reading