If you can’t draw it, you don’t understand it

Stick Figure

There’s a school of thought that says: if you can’t draw it, you don’t understand it.

This was a concept that was introduced to me about 7 or 8 years ago during a strategic planning session in which the facilitator asked us to draw an intractable problem we were looking to solve. We couldn’t use words, only images (even if only stick figures).

I found it was a very powerful exercise, Continue reading

Lesson Plan: Giving & Receiving Feedback

Giving Feedback

There are plenty of articles and blog posts out there about how to give feedback. Some even talk about the importance of how to receive feedback, too.

Articles can be interesting. Some people even act on them. Most people think: Huh, that’s interesting… and then eventually they’ll forget about it.

If you’re looking to train people on how to effectively give and receive feedback, here’s a free Continue reading

PowerPoint and Canva are making it easy to create amazing slides… but terrible slides are only part of the problem.

Last week, Microsoft “declared war on boring PowerPoint.” If you have Microsoft 365 for Windows desktop or Windows Mobile, you’ll have access to PowerPoint Designer (for better slide design) and PowerPoint Morph (for better animation).

Then there’s Canva, which is a freemium design tool that can be used to create amazing visual experiences by limiting the number of poor design choices you can actually make.

There are other tools for interesting ways to present visual information, too. Haiku Deck. SlideRocket. Prezi. PowToon.

Yet, contrary to popular vernacular, the slides actually aren’t the “presentation.” A presentation is the total experience that you offer to the audience. Slides? Yes. And finding ways to engage your audience with your content.

What I’ve found most presenters to be missing is Continue reading